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Limited 1/100


The awe-inspiring

"That Girl Shoe"

by Florine Imo

Discover the captivating artistry of Florine Imo. Her creations fuse vivid imagery, striking colours, and intense emotions, forging a deep connection with the viewer.

Elevate your style with Florine Imo's Pink Velvet Shoe, adorned with an embroidered girl and wolf motif, complemented by vibrant orange piping. This wearable masterpiece is a unique fusion of art and fashion that speaks to the bold and creative spirit in you. 

✶ That



Florine Imo

Central to her work is "That Girl" — a symbol of breaking free from societal constraints and pursuing aspirations fearlessly. Florine Imo's pieces are profound expressions of individuality and self-discovery. .

Immo's artistic vision is an exquisite fusion of vivid imagery, striking colors, and intense emotions, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of contemplation. Through her art, she forges a visceral connection between the observer and the observed, encouraging us to see beyond the superficial and delve into the profound depths of human emotion.

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