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Our collaboration features Art illustrations by Sebastian Graham,

finished off with his irresistible 

lemon and olive 


The Gentle(wo)man's slipper in a Modern world, transforming the traditional slipper with a contemporary spin. This thirst-quenching Martini Slipper will bring you the allure of the Cote d'Azur.


Our Martini slipper features a Black Spanish Velvet upper with a midnight black trim.

Finished with a garnish of olives and a small twist of lemon for an added pop of citrus. 




Sebastian Graham

Discover and indulge in a universe of colour, summer and sophistication. Sebastian's unique pieces capture the zeitgeist of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Sebastian is a Greek-Scottish water colour illustrator and painter raised on Mallorca.

​Sebastian is an up-and-coming artist who captures his most loved environment's natural light and colours. "The warmth of the Mediterranean and its nature is unlike anywhere else" Sebastian translates this unique direct painting method or "A la prima" to give his art an almost idealistic but immediate quality.

Creating unique

limited edition slippers,

celebrating the artists

voice & vision

Limited 1/80


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