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Limited 1/100


Cool Cool, Nice Nice 

By Pascal Wild

Adorning the surface of the shoe is the artwork by Pascal Wild. Known for his dynamic and vibrant creations, Wild has skillfully brought the phrase "cool cool, nice nice" to life through his unique artistic style.


The design features a fusion of bold petrol colour, playful text, and intricate illustrations, resulting in a visually striking composition.

Each brushstroke, line, and detail in Pascal Wild's artwork contributes to the overall narrative of positivity and joy that the shoe conveys. 





Pascal Wild

Step into the captivating world of Pascal Wild, a visionary self-taught artist whose brushstrokes offer profound reflections on the tapestry of existence in a society rife with contrasts, contradictions, and conflicts. 

With a deep curiosity for the human experience, Pascal's artistic journey orbits the compelling question of identity amidst the ceaseless flux of a rapidly evolving social landscape.

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