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Limited 1/100


EDITION VII the "Hot Dog Loafer" by Noah Verrier

„What I enjoy most is working from life. Through the act of quietly observing, my aim is to accurately yet personally discern color and light. My subjects have included still life, portrait, and landscape. Not unlike the great painterly realists of the late 19th century, my work emerges through painting directly, while striving to retain gesture and emotion.“ -Verrier

EDITION VI the"Eye Shoe" by Brian Namiro

Explore the vision of Brian Namiro. Brian sees an artwork in every single person and works like a sculptor to get it to the surface. Since HipHop culture is an important influence that connected him with creativity at first Brian calls his work “giving swagger”. What does swagger mean? “Well, it’s how to carry yourself, how you walk, how you talk and how your outfit expresses your character.”

EDITION V the "Amor Shoe"  by Sophia Novosel

Step into the vibrant world of the Viennese artist, whose work is a celebration of female resilience, sensitivity, and the rich tapestry of diversity. Through her art, she extends an invitation, urging viewers to delve into the depths of their emotions and embrace the multifaceted nature of humanity.


With a profound focus on diversity, her pieces become a kaleidoscope of cultures and traditions, interwoven with a thread of empowerment.

EDITION IV The awe-inspiring  "That Girl Shoe"  by Florine Imo

Discover the captivating artistry of Florine Imo. Her creations fuse vivid imagery, striking colours, and intense emotions, forging a deep connection with the viewer.

Elevate your style with Florine Imo's Pink Velvet Shoe, adorned with an embroidered girl and wolf motif, complemented by vibrant orange piping. This wearable masterpiece is a unique fusion of art and fashion that speaks to the bold and creative spirit in you. 

EDITION III "Cool Cool, Nice Nice" 
By Pascal Wild

Adorning the surface of the shoe is the artwork by Pascal Wild. Known for his dynamic and vibrant creations, Wild has skillfully brought the phrase "cool cool, nice nice" to life through his unique artistic style.


The design features a fusion of bold petrol colour, playful text, and intricate illustrations, resulting in a visually striking composition.

Each brushstroke, line, and detail in Pascal Wild's artwork contributes to the overall narrative of positivity and joy that the shoe conveys. 

EDITION II "Tiger Shoe" by Iryna Maksymova

The Ukrainian artist portrays a modern approach to figurative painting that exudes vitality while maintaining a positive outlook.


Her work draws inspiration from Ukrainian folklore and effortlessly infuses primitivism elements into her depictions of figures and patterns.


Through her art, she explores the complex emotions of human beings, including their sensitivity, pride, and confusion, and incorporates animals as integral components in her mid and large-scale paintings.

Our EDITION I features Art illustrations by Sebastian Graham,
finished off with his irresistible 
lemon and olive 

The Gentle(wo)man's slipper in a Modern world, transforming the traditional slipper with a contemporary spin. This thirst-quenching Martini Slipper will bring you the allure of the Cote d'Azur.


Our Martini slipper features a Black Spanish Velvet upper with a midnight black trim.

Finished with a garnish of olives and a small twist of lemon for an added pop of citrus. 

Creating unique

Limited Edition Elippers,

celebrating the artists

voice & vision

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