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Iryna Maksymova

The Ukrainian artist portrays a modern approach to figurative painting that exudes vitality while maintaining a positive outlook.


Her work draws inspiration from Ukrainian folklore and effortlessly infuses primitivism elements into her depictions of figures and patterns.


Through her art, she explores the complex emotions of human beings, including their sensitivity, pride, and confusion, and incorporates animals as integral components in her mid and large-scale paintings.




Iryna Maksymova

Through her figurative and naive artworks, she provides a simple and innocent perspective on the world's issues that resonate with her.

Maksymova frequently explores the themes of femininity and masculinity, vulnerability and power, and fragility and triumph through the portrayal of women's bodies and actions in her artwork. The artist also considers the majestic nude women in her works as symbols of strength and resilience for her nation. In addition, animals, including pets like dogs and fantastical creatures from folklore such as lions, tigers, snakes, dolphins, and firebirds, often appear as beloved protagonists on her canvases.

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