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The visionairy

"Eye Shoe"

by Brian Namiro

Explore the vision of Brian Namiro. Brian sees an artwork in every single person and works like a sculptor to get it to the surface. Since HipHop culture is an important influence that connected him with creativity at first Brian calls his work “giving swagger”. What does swagger mean? “Well, it’s how to carry yourself, how you walk, how you talk and how your outfit expresses your character.”



Brian Namiro

Brian sees the artwork in every person like a sculptor. 

Namiro is a Berlin based visual artist. Growing up in rural Germany he spent a lot of time with US Air Force staff as a child and discovered that his life has multiple and diverse influences.


Namiros credo is that every person is unique, and he seeks to work out the unique style of a person by discovering the influences of their character and giving those an expression.

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limited edition slippers,

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